Mikaila Von Merr

Model, MUA & Mermaid
model: Mikaila Von Merr
photographer: Audrey Simper

Photo of myself taken by Michael Cabrera

Model, H&MUA: Mikaila Von MerrPhotography: Andrea Pascalau Corsei Photography

Australian friends can pick up their copies of Pinupskool on newstands!! Issue 7 features Audrey Simper Photography and I .

Photo by Michael Cabrera
model: Mikaila Von Merr

Photographer: Tori Lane Photography Hair: Erin GrahamMakeup: Rebekah Veen Makeup Artistry model: Mikaila von mer

look at this killer makeup done by Rebekah Veen Makeup Artistry for my shoot today with Tori Lane Photography! I wish I could have gotten picture of my hair before I ran outside and got it wet because it was lovely as well

Hello dear friend! Always looking beautiful I see. How do you keep your hair that stunning and yet still be able to dye it every so often?

lots of oil treatments between color- Thanks!!

You should post some more of you're gorgeous photography soon n___n Miss you~! I hope you have been well and had a good Halloween dear, my phone stopped working a little while ago but I will let you know when I get a new one~hopefully soon.

I know I’m so behind on posting my work- I’m sorry! Halloween was super laid back just drank cider and watched movies with Watson. Sorry you don’t have a phone at the moment- when you get one for sure let me know. 

Umm, you have a great set of photos here. Truly beautiful.

Thank you so much!!

New vintage story coming at you soon. Heres just a page of it Model- Mikaila Hair// JBell Production Styling// Elizabeth Margulis StylingLighting// Tecndoc D 
Vika Petlakhgraphy
Dana Marie Photographymodel/makeup/wardrobe: Mikaila Von Merrhair stylist: Chelsea BlairIts finally October! yay.
emspace photography